Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Doctor's Life

Now almost 6 month i work as a doctor. I think it not suitable for me.. I so regret study as a doctor.. 
Work like a robot. Need to work till midnight and early morning.. 
Need to wake up in the middle of sleeping. 
I am not a person who like to sacrifice,even I really want to help people.

Today I try to calculate the salary between doctor and teacher.
Surprisingly, my salary is RM 17/hour but teacher's salary is RM 25/hour. 
It really not worth... 
Work as a teacher, at least I have time for my family and my self..
Work as a doctor...really make me crazy. 
So, I plan to change my profession and work as a teacher.. Serious!!
I hate my job.
Work as a doctor has no human right. 

Please my beloved government, try to make a new 'research' about doctor's job.
Be pitiful of next generation..