Sunday, December 9, 2012

Internet Bergerak

First time tau ada internet bergerak. Sebelum ni tau jugak tapi internet bergerak yang jenis kaki gosip.
Ni betul2 wujud. Aku jumpa ni kat Medan, Indonesia. Rasa teruja kejap.
Rasanya bagus juga ada benda ni sebab orang2 kampung pun leh surf internet.
Yang kurang bagusnya, bila dah ada internet bergerak ni, akan menyebabkan orang kampung mula la nak beli laptop, smartphone dll..
Padahal sebenarnya tak penting sangat pun. 
Kalau nak kata budak2 nak pakai untuk tujuan sekolah, ada ja internet n pc kat sekolah, pakai je la yang tu..
Tapi lain la kalau dalam van ni ada laptop yang leh bagi orang kampung pinjam. Aku pun tak tau mekanisma internet bergerak ni.
Sebab aku jumpa van ni ja. Jadi aku snap je la gambar..

Muay Thai

Sebelum ni memang tak pernah tengok muay thai secara live. Rasa excited pulak. Sebab muay thai memang ganas. Lagipun Malaysia vs Thailand. Wakil malaysia dari area utara saja. 
Sebelum masuk, beli tiket dulu. Tak sangka pula tiket sebegitu mahal. Ingatkan masuk free ja.
RM15 - Dewasa
RM 7 - Kanak2
Tempat : Tokong cina Kuala Perlis

Sebelum start, dua2 lawan warm up dulu dan berdoa. Yang peliknya team dari Malaysia ada juga yang berdoa cara siam. Mungkin dia memang siam kot.

Pengalaman tengok live memang best. Rasa semangat lain macam. Sebelum ni memang tak suka tengok pun walaupun kat tv. Bukan setakat tak suka, tak pernah tengok pun.

Orang2 ni memang lawan betul2. Siap berdarah-darah lagi.

Paling best bila ada yang TKO. Tapi tak sempat snap gambar sebab time tu rasa sangat excited.

Sekian saja.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Doctor's Life

Now almost 6 month i work as a doctor. I think it not suitable for me.. I so regret study as a doctor.. 
Work like a robot. Need to work till midnight and early morning.. 
Need to wake up in the middle of sleeping. 
I am not a person who like to sacrifice,even I really want to help people.

Today I try to calculate the salary between doctor and teacher.
Surprisingly, my salary is RM 17/hour but teacher's salary is RM 25/hour. 
It really not worth... 
Work as a teacher, at least I have time for my family and my self..
Work as a doctor...really make me crazy. 
So, I plan to change my profession and work as a teacher.. Serious!!
I hate my job.
Work as a doctor has no human right. 

Please my beloved government, try to make a new 'research' about doctor's job.
Be pitiful of next generation..

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Scenery at Paddy Field

Most at paddy field have coconut tree where there have a life of family.

Small house at the center of scenery.

Small pond that give water to field.

Just a beautiful creation.
Alhamdulillah ~

Small canal is for water flow to the field.


Old house just like the good old days..


Flower tree.

Sugar cane plants.

Rare dragonfly

Corn tree at the center of field. This farmer really appreciate the land.



Monday, May 21, 2012

Milkiss Hi-Calcium Low Fat Milk Candy

First impression. Yummy.. Milk Candy.. Worth to buy because nice container. Plus, bought in wholesale shop. Save money. Just only RM 14.80. Contain 400 pieces. WOW !! I don't know if you can get more cheaper.

Actually this is the main reason why I bought. Haha.. I want the moneybox as long as I just keep my money in can all this time. What? So poor me? No. I just don't want to waste my money only on moneybox. At least when I purchase this, I got 400 pieces candy. Worth!

This how the candy look. It look so delicious plus the colour is so soft. Aww.. It seduce my taste.

Unwrap it and the candy has cow on it. Interesting right. The taste is not really yummy, actually. maybe it LOW FAT MILK CANDY. Aiyoo... Not sweet at all and a little bit chelate. I don't like this candy because I like sweet. Its okay.... Because I just want the moneybox. Hihi..

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub

At the catalogue it said "EXPERIENCE THE VISIBLY DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE". Yes. Its the reason why I bought the scrub. The scrub enriched with korean red ginseng and the function is to renew  and rejuvenate skin for a supple, flawless finish. It also contain exfoliating walnut shells and 12 nourishing plant extract which are grapefruit, kelp powder, skullcap, almond, ginger, rice bran, soybean, houttuynia cordata extract, panax ginseng, portulaca oleracea extract, mung bean, and carrot. The scrub work fine like other scrub even you used tea waste or sugar. The difference is, this scrub has a adorable smell and the smell stick to my skin. Yes. It really make my day. But I rather used cheap scrub with soap. For me, it just waste my money. The price is RM 28.00. 

RZAC Carrot Bar

I try it after my aunt suggest to me because my face full of acne and also very dull. It really make me low self esteem. Really. Don't know why because I am old enough to have acne. May be because my hormone is sooo teen... Haha.. My experience after used it in a month, the soap diminish my acne, my face look more radiant and fair. So far, I satisfied. Usually after used this soap, I washed my face with Bioglo Natural Face Cleanser to give extra nutrient for my skin. After apply the cleanser, then I leave for 3 minutes to let it absorb into my skin. Then washed. It make my skin so superb!

The ingredients : sodium cocoate, water, sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, sodium laurate, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, daucus carota sativa (carrot) extract, elaeis guineensis (palm) oil, EDTA, Cl 17200, Cl 15985, Cl 26100, Cl 47000. The price is RM 13.00 but I get for RM 11.00.

Bioglo Natural Face Cleanser

This natural face cleanser is truly from natural ingredient. It contain grapefruit, kiwi, orange, and apple. It also free from soap, SLS, and harsh chemical. So far, it really give nutrient for my skin. Usually I leave for 3 minutes to make the natural things absorb into my skin. It make my skin clean and glowing. Usually I used it after I clean my skin with RZAC Carrot Bar It work great on my skin. I get discount during purchased it at RM 11.40. The actual price is RM 38.00.

Yaeyama Chlorella

I love this supplement. Now almost a month I try and I really satisfied. The chlorella can help me to detox and help the cellular rejuvenation. So, it can make me clean, healthy and looking young. Actually I can feel the changes. My skin is more elastic, radiant, and nourish. My face is gradually free from blemish. And you should try. Hope it also suitable for you. Chlorella suitable for all; children, teenagers, ladies, men, and the elderly.

Yaeyama chlorella is tableted in Japan, so I really assure this is the best one because I love Japan because of their quality. It used as dietary supplement. This chlorella is free of herbicides and perticides. It 100% organic.

This is how the tablet look like. Each tablet contain 200 mg Chlorella vulgaris powder. Advisable to take 5-10 tablets daily, preferably on empty stomach. The price for 150 tablet is RM 35.00 while for 300 tablet is RM 65.00.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

After Graduation From Medical School

Hooray.... Congratulation...

This is the most precious time. Graduate as a doctor.. So, what's next? Rest till getting fat? Exercise to achieve sand glass figure shape? Apply job? Work at farm? Sleep? No... Should apply for a job immediately because it take time... By that time also can rest.

First, download the form from website and fill in. Ready all the document needed such as IC, birth certificate, SPM result, transcript, and many more. Just read from the form. Make sure all done correctly. Then clip the paper that you send to MMC and KKM. Next? Go to the office and send it. Better go MMC then KKM then SPA.

At MMC make sure you got this letter. 1 for KKM and 1 for you. Keep it because you still need it.
Then go KKM and send the BMD form. Just put on the tray. Then go to SPA and set your interview date.

At SPA they will give you this program paper. What you should do and what you should prepare. 

They also give you this form for interview. Don't worry if you didn't get it because on interview day they will give it also. Fill it. Go for interview. 2 day after, you can call them whether you pass or not. Then wait for offer letter.

Yabbedabeduuu ~ Offer letter arrived after 2 weeks interview.

Wow... What is this? Stop questioning. Just read it and do it. 

Don't forget to send back to them to ensure you accept their offer.

Go to Suruhanjaya Sumpah to declare that you are good enough.

Acctually don't know what is this for..? Still questioning..

Go to Medical check up immediately if you want to rest a lot.

My suggestion, buy this file and keep all your document so that it easy for you. No more worries. Next? Wait for induction letter.... Hoorayyy ~ ~ Ready to work. Dub.. dab.. dub.. dab..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Safi Rania Gold

I bet everyone ever watch this product on tv right.. The product claim that it is for anti aging skincare with 24K gold with nano technology. This product also promise can reduce wrinkles and fine lines up to 55 % and also can firm the skin in just 3 weeks.

Because of the nice and sweet promise, I bought these two type to try myself. 

This is their serum that cost RM 33.90. This product is for face firming that contain amino acid to neutralize the free radical. Also contain gold 24 K and bla bla bla. I think I am not a pharmacist to tell about the ingredients. For me, it just same with other skincare that didn't give any effect that I would say 'WOW.. It works'. Conclusion : just waste my money.. Didn't work even a small dust. 

 The another one is Krim Kecantikan that cost me RM 10.90. This cream can be use as foundation that can flush out the blemish on the skin. For most of my friend, its really suitable for their skin and make it look very nice. That's why i want to try.

But for me, I just use a little. Because it really make my skin itchy and redness. Also waste my money. I never buy the Safi product after this. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kursus Pra Perkahwinan Islam

The first thing you should do is register at any place that organize the courses. The payment is RM 80. But i don't know if some place is much higher or cheaper.Don't know the place? Just ask your mother, neighbour, friend or stranger at your place. At least one of them will know.

Then they will give you the receipt and they will asked you to fill the form. The form is use to make your certificate so make sure you write it properly.

Another thing they will give is a piece of paper that tell you about the program. 

On the day of courses you will get a file. 

Let see what inside..jeng,,,jeng...jeng....

The best and complete book that tell you all about the courses of marriage.


Pen and paper for taking notes.

The place that the courses was held. May be your place would be nicer.

Room for girls to eat and rest

Here is for pray.. I don't blame them because of small space. It just okay..

They also provide us food in the morning and lunch. Awesome..

Cold orange water is more than enough.

Please finish your lunch food. Many out there didn't get enough food. 

Haha... The one and only my notes. Hey.. Don't say that.. At least i write something down here.

The precious thing that we waiting for after courses in two days from 8.00 a.m till 4.30 p.m. Thank you. Alhamdulillah..
My advice, please pay attention... Because you will get so much knowlegde..Even you is the best student in your school, your knowledge is just a little. Trust me.
The best thing is, we just listen and no test.